Employer Title Location Weekly Hours
Salary RMB
Qingdao Sesame street English ESL teacher Shandong, Qingdao 14/20 18000
Southern Cross English Institute ESL teacher Beijing, Beijing 25/10 15000
Wall Street English ESL Teacher Beijing, Beijing 30/5 17000
Emma International Kindergarten ESL Teacher Tianjin, Tianjin 30/10 11,000
Carden Training Center ESL teacher Beijing, Beijing 22/0 12000
Weiming Primary School ESL teacher Tianjin, Tianjin 25/-- 12000
We Teach Online ESL Teacher --, Online 10/-- 6000
Jing Era English School ESL teacher, Consultant Hunan, Changsha 20/10 14000
Mei Hua English ESL teacher Zhejiang, Hangzhou 20/30+ 8000-12000
Eton House International Pre-school ESL Teacher Jiangsu, Suzhou 20/10 16000
CTP Lishui English Center ESL Teacher Zhejiang, Lishui 25/10 8000-12000
Jinhua Meihua English Training School ESL Teacher Zhejiang, Jin hua 18/14 10000-12000
Beijing Funtime English Center ESL Teacher Beijing, Beijing 30/0 9000-10000
Romp N'Roll Center ESL teacher Beijing, Beijing 24/0 8000-9000
Sesame Street English ESL Director Tianjin, Tianjin 10/30 10000-15000
Tianjin English First Center ESL Teacher Tianjin, Tianjin Shi 20/0 8000-10000
Tianjin Topwise Education Group ESL Teacher Tianjin, Tianjin 25/0 9000
Beijing Imagination Education Group SAT or Relevant Course Instructor Beijing, Beijing 24/8 15000+
Iowa English Teaching Center ESL Teacher Jiangsu, Changzhou 25/0 12000
Heqiao High School ESL Teacher Jiangxi, Wuxi 25/0 9000
Jiangyin Rise ESL Teacher Jiangsu, Wuxi 30/0 13000-15000
Jintan Shane English ESL Teacher Jiangsu, Changzhou 20/4 10000-12000
Hope English ESL Teacher Jiangsu, Xuzhou 20/0 11000
New Century English School ESL Teacher Tianjin, Tianjin 25/15 12000
World Education ESL Teacher Jiangsu, Changzhou 25/15 10000
USEnglish ESL Teacher Jiangsu, Nanjing 20/15 10500
Yixin Rise Subject English ESL Teacher Jiangsu, Wuxi 20/0 12000-13000
Lishui Children's Palace ESL Teacher Zhejiang, Lishui 20/5 8000
Changzhou Number 3 High School ESL Teacher Jiangsu, Changzhou 16/0 6000
New Generation Kindergarten ESL Teacher Tianjin, Tianjin Shi 20/0 6000
Weiming Preschool Education Kindergarten ESL Teacher Tianjin, Tianjin Shi 17/0 7000
King's English for Kids ESL Teacher Tianjin, Tianjin 21/3 7500-10000
Rise English Teaching Center ESL Teacher Jiangsu, Suzhou, Changshu City 20/0 13000
Shane English Center ESL Teacher Jiangsu, Liyang, Changzhou 25/15 12000-13000

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